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Attn: Speakers & Vendors Biz 2 Biz is Expanding in 2018

Biz 2 Biz is seeking a few more speakers, product & service vendors.

Does your business need more clients?

About Us

Who is Biz 2 Biz Services

  I'm Carol Smith, and I am passionate about promoting creditable businesses, and people to thousands of companies. I have built a reputation in Silicon Valley as a business-to-business connector for over 20 years.  In 2006, I created my marketing and promotions business Biz 2 Biz Services to help small and growing businesses get in the doors of thousands of corporations to directly promote their products and/or services to their employees.

  Since 2014 we began hosting, No Fee- Lunch & Learn Presentations. We travel to you and most of our businesses are from Monterey, to San Francisco and beyond!   

 Every year we are invited to attended benefit and employee fairs all over at companies. My corporate clients rely on me to share credible and valuable connections consistently. Biz 2 Biz is a member of employee networking organization.    Our networking expertise along with our ability to think creatively has helped my company to expand by offering complimentary Catered Lunch & Learn Presentations-Never A Fee!    These are fun, valuable Informative Workshops, and many of our presenters do host a complimentary lunch and learn.    Biz 2 Biz Services continues to be successful today and each year we are a preferred exhibitor at the biggest Human Resource Conference.  

  We only promote 20 vendors at a time with our bright green tote bags at this conference.    We handed out over 500+ and as many as 800 bags to hr. attendees at the registration upon the attendee’s arrival. Were excited every year to chat, see so many of the hr. reps who attend and to connect with so many new hr. reps. 

All are eager to learn about my vendors offers, and my speakers topics. We participate in the raffle for a few lucky Hr. attendees, to WIN one of our fabulous gift baskets. Plus, the perks from acquiring leads that will become yours.   

Biz 2 Biz has many professional, skilled presenters. We also have a diverse group of experienced vendors from local businesses in and around Silicon Valley.

    We have skilled presenters that have shared valuable topics and services, and who has given their time in offering local corporations and their employees some valuable resources with their presentations and workshops.  

 These are informative 1-hour lunch & learn presentations, we also offer evening presentations.  

 This is where you can bring your significant other to listen and learn about one of our valuable topics.  

 We have a list of business professionals who are coaches, presenters that are skilled in their field and eager to share with your employees what they know.  


Our No Fee Complimentary Lunch & Learn Presentations

 Biz 2 Biz supports our local Non-Profits. We screen all our business connections to make sure that our presenters are informative, skilled in their field.   · 

These are NOT sales presentations.  

· Never a fee to your company or employees.   

· Biz 2 Biz Service guarantee!   

 · We’ve been offering workshops and attending employee & wellness fairs for many years, and our HR. reps welcome our contacts.

 · We  Host Workshops from 15 to 90+ attendees

Our No Fee Complimentary Lunch & Learn Presentations

Please contact us today to schedule a topic, day and time for your Complimentary Catered Lunch & Learn.

We Are Expanding In 2018!

Were seeking to add a few more businesses, speakers who want to share what they know and what they offer . 

Your audience is waiting!

These companies have hundreds of employees who are working and do not know about your business 

    Biz 2 Biz would like to help you reach more customers. to cross promote you!  We are very affordable, and you will be excited that we can help get your information into the hands of key decision contacts at local corporations, contact us to learn how you can get past the gate keeper and connect with the HR. Managers and hundreds of employees!  

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