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Biz 2 Biz  Services was created in 2006 to connect creditable businesses, products and  services to thousands of companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. 

Biz 2 Biz Services has an established  reputation in Silicon Valley as a business-to-business connector for over 20 years.  Biz 2 Biz Services helps small companies connect to larger companies . Our points of contacts are HR Managers, Operations Managers, and Marketing Managers to directly promote  your business to their company and all of their employees.

LUNCH AND LEARNS - Since 2013 we began hosting, No Fee- Lunch & Learn Presentations. Where we bring the Lunch & Learn Presentation to your company. We coordinate all of the details for  the complimentary catering for your company's employees.  You and your employees will appreciate our range of topics and the experts in each industry.

CONNECTING BUSINESSES - Every year we are invited to attend benefit and employee fairs all over the bay area . Our corporate clients rely on us to share credible and valuable connections. Biz 2 Biz Services is a member of employee networking organization, Women in Business and local Chambers and we are on LinkedIn. Plus we have over 10,000 corporate connections from San Luis obispo to San Francisco and all of the surrounding cities. 

Our networking expertise along with our ability to think creatively has helped my company to expand by offering complimentary Catered Lunch & Learn Presentations- that is Never A Fee!   

CONFERENCE and EVENTS - Biz 2 Biz Services is a preferred exhibitor at many of the larger Conferences in Northern California where we provide information on your products and services to many attendees. Biz 2 Biz Services has a booth typically located right at the registration table . 


If you are a Business, Service, Motivational Speaker or Coach who is  seeking to generate corporate leads and corporate exposure. Contact us to learn how we can help get your business seen with our connections of  company &-corporate connections throughout the Bay Area. We will  get you seen with our connections where Biz 2 Biz Services is a Premier Exhibitor helping to brand awareness for all of our vendors.

IN THE BAG AND ONLINE PROMOTIONS - We promote vendors in our colorful catalog and Eco Fashionable Tote bags. This year we will  handout 1,000  Eco Fashionable Tote bags * Catalogs to  all of the attendees at the registration table.


We are excited to announce we are connected  with a fresh , friendly and upbeat local Wellness Company who is experienced in this field. They offer No hidden or No exorbitant  fees. They want to make your event fun &  memorable each and every year. Contact us today so we can forward your information directly to our  Wellness  Event Connection who will provide you with great references. 

Were excited every year to connect with your products and services through one of our many marketing channels giving you greater coverage and multiple sales channels. 

Biz 2 Biz Services offers professional skilled presenters. We also have a diverse group of experienced vendors from local businesses in and around Silicon Valley.

Our skilled presenters are open to share valuable products and services by attending Health & Wellness Fairs, Employee Appreciation, Holiday Events throughout the bay area and beyond.  Our presentations and workshops are hosted at your company location.

These are informative 1-hour lunch & learn presentations, or 90 Minute  evening presentations where you can invite your significant others.  

Book an evening  90 minute presentation where we provide catered  food & spirits where you'll learn about one of our valuable topics.  

We have a large list of business presenters that are skilled in their field.

We Offer No Fee Complimentary Lunch & Learn Presentations and BYOL-Brown Bag too!

Biz 2 Biz Services supports our local Non-Profits. 

We pre-screen all our business connections and that our presenters are informative and skilled in their field.   


These are NOT sales presentations- always informative. 

· Never A Fee to your company or employees.   

· Biz 2 Biz Services Guarantee!   

· We’ve been hosting  workshops and we have vendors to attend your employee & wellness fairs since 2006,

· We  Host Workshops from 10 to 60 employees. We offer evening presentations for employees and their significant other or family members.  

  •  We have presenters in Southern and Northen California- covering a wider territory.

A few of our Health & Wellness Coaches also offer to host a Brown Bag Presentations. 

Where your employees can bring their own lunch & Our  presenter is offering a virtual presentation for your employees that sign up to attend.


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Our vendors are open to attend your employee fairs. Contact Biz 2 Biz to invite our vendors to your company events, wellness fairs and holiday parties.


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