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  • Corporate Events: We have a number of skilled vendors and business professionals eager to be part of your corporate, employee events.
  • Health & Wellness: We have a variety of health & wellness providers, local boutiques, and unique specialty businesses, and local amusements. Many are small to large business representatives that Biz 2 Biz pre-screens all. They are open and excited to attend your Employee Appreciation and your Wellness Fairs. 
  • Special Corporate Discounts: Most if not all offer some sort of special discount offer to all of your employees and many offer these to your family members too,
  • Catered Lunch & Learn Presentations: We never charge a Fee for one of our fabulous presenters to come out and host on-site at your location 60-minute Informative lunchtime topics. These are never sales presentations. Always informative. We have a variety of topics to choose from. 
  • Open Houses: We have helped many of our local Realtors to build relationships with many potential buyers and sellers. Biz 2 Biz is ready to help with a variety of creative ways to help make these open houses fun and eventful. Carol is also on the board of Realtors for Santa Clara County.
  • Team Building: We have the 4-1-1 in how to make Team Building Fun in many creative ways. We have a list of great vendors who are ready to bring what they offer directly to your company or off-site events just less than an hour away, contact Biz 2 Biz about how we can make your team-building events FUN!
  • Virtual Events: In the early part of 2020 we all had to find ways to get creative with Virtual events. Now our outreach to this platform has grown in so many ways to help you keep your employees and teams updated with what is going on in your area. We have Zoom events weekly that your company HR, Executives Administrators, and Employees can join in. Just email us to learn about these Virtual Events. Are you open to learning about more positive things happening in your area?

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